Library FAQ

1. How do I get a library card?

Your smart card is your Library card. You get the smart card once your admission process is completed.

2. What happens if I don’t bring my library card?

Library cards must be presented to borrow materials. If the card is not presented you are not eligible to borrow materials.

3. What happens if I lose my library card?

You can get a replacement card at the IPM desk. Stolen cards are the responsibility of the owner until reported to the library.

4. Where do I get a copy of rules and regulations?

Please refer handbook provided to you at the time of admission. The library rules are printed on the handbook.

5. What are various library facilities/services available for me?

The following services are available for you in the library:

  1. Reference 2. Circulation 3. Reprography 4. Internet 5. Access to online resources.

6. How may circulation counters are there in the library?

There are 5 circulation counters; one on each floor and two on the ground floor. Use any counter to check out a book.


7. Can I photocopy a full book?

No, you cannot. You will be violating copyright rule. Photocopying facility is restricted to 60 pages per book/per user.

8. How do I use a laptop in the library?

A separate arrangement has been made in the library internet lab for laptop users. Use this facility to charge your laptop and access the internet.

9. How do I access the databases?

The databases subscribed are IP based and hence you have campus-wide access. Ensure that you have configured your laptop according to the IP provided by the system administrator.

10. How do I use the catalogue?

Type your query and click on search. To narrow your search, on the left you have different options. Just below your search, you can sort by relevance, year, title and author by clicking on the drop-down menu.


11. How do I get a book that is not in the catalogue?

For students:

Collect a book request form at the reference desk. Take the filled-in form to your class teacher for his/her signature before finally submitting it to the library.

For teachers:

Fill out a request form at the reference desk and submit it to the Library.

12. Does the catalogue just show books from the location I am at?

The catalogue will indicate what branch the book is located in Main = UG Branch, Knowledge Centre = SLCU, PGS, MBA. CU Kegeri = Kengeri campus; CU Lavasa= Lavasa campus. Branch location is indicated before the call number.

13. How do I know if the book is in?

Check ‘Status’ on the catalogue for a searched book. The ‘Status’ in the catalogue indicates that the book is ‘Available’ or ‘Checked Out’.

14. How do I know the difference between Reference and Stack book?

Reference books are labelled ‘Reference’ with an icon as shown. These books are not for loan and can be referred inside the library.

Stack books are labelled ‘Books’ with an icon as shown. These books can be checked out from the library.

15. How many times can I renew an item borrowed?

Any item may be renewed up to four times as long as there are no holds.

16. How do I renew online?

To renew online, visit the library website at Select “My Account” and enter your ID card number and the password provided by the library. You can check titles you have out, renew titles you have out, check outstanding balances, and search the Library Catalog. To avoid late fees, renewals must be completed before midnight of the due date. You will be notified if an item is not renewable. If no renewal date is given, the item is not renewed. Please check carefully. You may renew an item up to four times before it must be returned to the library. Any change in profile information may please be notified to the library so we may correct your profile accordingly. The system will not recognize you unless our files match your information.

17. How do I reserve books online?

Access the catalogue online from the library website. Select item, click on REQUEST ITEM. Click on MY ACCOUNT log in with your library card number and password, AND click on REQUEST. You have to check periodically for the book reserved by you in the circulation service desk or through the catalogue.

18. How do I sort of library issues?

All circulation related matters must be sorted out at the circulation desk itself. Complaints or grievances must be given in writing to the Librarian. However, cases regarding waiver of any clause in library rules will not be entertained.


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